How New Regulations are Shaping the Future of Online Gambling in India

The Indian government made a groundbreaking decision last year. It amended the IT Act of 2021. Under the new rules, online gambling will be legal countrywide, meaning millions of people will have access to online slots and card games like poker and blackjack.

The government initially planned to regulate online gambling through Self-Regulatory Organizations. But after failing to find an organization that met its requirements, it got rid of the idea.

India plans to license its first online casino later this year. If this happens, here are some of the changes casino players can expect:

Legal Online Casinos in Every State

Contrary to popular opinion, online gambling is legal in three Indian States: Goa, Sikkim, and Nagaland. The future gambling laws in India mean more casinos might come to India later this year.

Millions of people will have easy access to their favorite games of chance. They will no longer need to gamble through black market websites. Neither will they have to visit Goa or Sikkim to revel at a casino.

The government hasn’t decided on the number of licenses it plans to give out. However, people in the know believe at least a dozen casinos will acquire a license before the end of this year.

It is in the government’s interest to license as many casinos as possible. More licenses mean bigger fees earned, more jobs created, and higher taxes for states and the Central government.

To be clear, some states might object to the legalization of online gambling. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have already attempted to ban iGaming in the past two years. However, they might not succeed in their efforts if the Central Government takes charge of legalization.

A Major Job Creator in India

Legalization could turn gambling into a major job creator. Yes, online casinos don’t require many employees to operate. But if the government licenses multiple operators, India could add thousands of jobs.

The standard gambling site requires web developers, marketers, accountants, dealers, and digital security experts. Beyond in-house employees, iGaming companies create jobs for ancillary industries like digital banking, software providers, and affiliate marketers.

The best part about it all is that online gambling is one of the best-paying industries in the world. In Malta, Europe’s most popular gambling regulatory, casinos and sportsbooks pay an average salary of $49,000.

For the business-minded, online casinos are always looking for helpful partners. If you can create a special service for gambling businesses, you can make money in the industry.

For example, you could create a Bitcoin gateway for online casinos to support crypto payments. Or, you can build slots that support VR technology and lease them to gambling sites.

Gambling On Your Mobile

The future of Indian gambling is mobile. More than one billion people own smartphones, half of whom play mobile games regularly. According to Statista, over 500M Indians gamble online.

This means most casinos in India must optimize their devices for mobile gaming if they want to capture the local market. In all fairness, most gambling sites now come with mobile-friendly websites. Few sites have apps you can install from the Google or Apple Play Store. 

The explanation is that mobile websites function efficiently. You don’t need to download an app if you can play your favorite slots on your browser. Mobile websites also support other functions like payments, bonuses, live chatting, and live gaming.

Increased Safety for Indian Players

One of the benefits of legalizing online casinos is that it can help foster a safe gaming environment for Indian players. Legalization means the government will vet every casino in the country. This will help eliminate bad players in the industry. 

Regulation will also help educate gamblers on how to choose safe and trustworthy operators. When relying on offshore casinos, players usually have to accept whichever site is available to them.

India plans to license dozens of online casinos. This will give players variety and make it easier for them to choose a trustworthy operator. For the uninitiated, selecting a safe casino is straightforward.

First, you should look at a site’s license. A valid license shows you the company is operating legally. Then look at its website for security features like SSL encryption and Two-Factor Authentication. Read reviews to find a reputable operator. 

A Crucial Revenue Generator

The richest people in India are in the software, pharmaceutical, and construction industries. This could change soon depending on how big the online gambling industry becomes.

But even without producing billionaires, online gambling could turn into an important revenue generator for the subcontinent. Online gaming is a $3 billion industry in India. And the government hasn’t even begun licensing new casinos.

The $3 billion figure comes from the three states that permit iGaming—Goa, Nagaland, and Sikkim. If the government gives out more licenses this year, online casinos could generate as much as $10 billion in the next five years.

High revenues translate to big taxes for the country. The government could use the money collected to fund education, healthcare, roads, and other sectors. Some of it could also help fund research for reducing problem gambling in the country.

Personalization for Indian Players

When you think about it, everyone loves a brand that personalizes its services. It is easier to play at a casino that supports your native language. If you speak Hindi, you want a site that supports the language.

When it comes to banking, you want to see your favorite payment method. You would love to see support for the rupee. Likewise, you might prefer a casino that features your favorite slots and card games.

Personalization can increase loyalty to a casino. More importantly, it can help casinos grow in India. This is the reason casinos should customize their services as much as they can.

Customization goes beyond supporting local payments. It also includes personalizing every player’s bonuses, games, and customer service. Most foreign operators can’t customize their services to Indians without proper licensing. However, locally licensed casinos will have the chance to customize their offerings.


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