Why online casino bonuses have a limitedvalidity period

bonuses keep players attracted to and retained in thegame. Parimatch online casinos provide different kinds ofincentives, like a welcome package, no-deposit bonus, cashback, and many more, but all have one feature incommon: the validity of bonuses is limited to a limited time.

Reasons for setting time limits

So why do casinos limit the period you can use a bonus? There are several reasons:

Inherent activity: The bonus’s limited validity termincentivizes players to use the bonus urgently and notprocrastinate on its application. The casino is interestedin users being active and betting regularly
Protection from abuse: If bonuses never expired, onecould multiply the number of accounts and accumulatehuge amounts of bonus funds. This would result inhuge losses for the casino, and the bonus programswould become unviable
Financial risk management: Casinos are, after all, a business, and bonuses are part of their costs. Bysetting this time frame, the operators remain in controlof their costs and budget. This helps in maintainingfinancial stability and ensuring long-run profitability.

Create excitement and a sense of urgency. Limited-timeoffers make players feel like they might miss out on a greatopportunity. This encourages them to make decisions fasterand activate bonuses while available.

Example from Parimatch

Take, for example, the Parimatch welcome bonus, underwhich a new player’s first deposit is doubled by 100%, up toINR 37,000. However, this must be done within seven daysof registration

What doesin seven daysmean? Quite a good period tolet the player replenish their account and start playing back, but at the same time, it doesn’t allow them to postpone theuse of the bonus for an indefinite period. Also, betting 30 times and limiting the sum of the maximum winnings areamong other conditions of the user agreement byParimatch, while wagering the bonus received

This is done to ensure the offer will be advantageous to theplayer but not hurt the casino. Another good example is a weekly cashback bonus from Parimatch. A player mayreceive back part of the money he lost during the past week, but to get it, you have to replenish an account at least oncein the next 7 days. This condition encourages users to beactive and continue playing even after an unsuccessfulsession.

What to do if the bonus has expired?

If you didn’t have time to cash out the bonus or put it intoplay within the stipulated deadline, do not worry. In mostcases, an offer gone wrong cannot be returned, but newpromotions are always available. Follow news andnewsletters from the casino

Many operators, and Parimatch, too, regularly launch newbonuses and promotions for their players. Perhaps you willfind an offer that suits you even more than the previous one. Don’t forget about the program for loyal players

Active participants in the game can get more bonuses, freespins, and other advantages that depend on the player’sstatus in the casino. For example, Parimatch has a levelsystem; the higher your level is, the more generous rewardsand personal offers you get.


Most online gambling operators offer limited validitybonuses. This strategy benefits both online casinos andplayers. It helps safeguard against probable abuse of theuser interface and activity by users. It also gives the playersincreased motivation to start playing, with the opportunity towin back the bonus much sooner

It is most important to read the terms of promotions carefullyand fit within the time frame. If you don’t have time to takeadvantage of the offer, it’s not a problem; good casinos, likeParimatch, always have new, interesting bonuses andpromotions. And thanks to the loyalty program, you willalways be granted personal offers even without a timeframe.

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