Shortly AI vs HIX.AI: Is HIX.AI a Better Alternative to Shortly AI?


In the fast-evolving sphere of AI writing platforms, Shortly AI and HIX.AI are emerging as significant contenders. Both platforms harness the capabilities of advanced language models and offer a multitude of features to facilitate and enhance the content creation process. 

The question on many users’ minds is which platform is superior and better suited to their specific needs. This article delves into a detailed comparison of these two platforms, exploring the reasons why HIX.AI emerges as a potentially superior alternative to Shortly AI.

Pricing Options and Language Models Used

An essential aspect to consider when choosing an AI writing platform is the associated cost and the value delivered for the price.

Shortly AI Pricing and Language Model

ShortlyAI operates on a single pricing plan costing $79 per month. While this might seem steep compared to other platforms, it’s vital to note that ShortlyAI justifies this with its use of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. This particular language model, renowned for its generation of human-like text, is expected to ensure the delivery of high-quality content, thereby potentially presenting value for the price.

HIX.AI Pricing and Language Model

In stark contrast, HIX.AI offers a versatile range of pricing options catering to various budget brackets. Its plans range from as low as $129.99 per month. Users can choose a plan that fits both their budget and job requirements.


In terms of language model utilization, HIX.AI operates on a more advanced GPT-3.5/4. This language model, given its greater sophistication, promises superior language processing abilities, contributing to a more nuanced text generation. Such an approach ensures HIX.AI users get the most value for their investments.

AI Writing Tools and Supported Languages

When it comes to assisting users in generating high-quality content, the writing tools offered by the platform and its support for multiple languages play essential roles.

AI Writing Tools

ShortlyAI offers its users two AI writing tools, providing a relatively minimalistic user interface. The platform prioritizes quality over quantity, focusing its efforts on maximizing the performance of the available tools.


HIX.AI, on the other hand, presents a comprehensive suite of over 120 AI writing tools. This incredible diversity fosters immense flexibility, allowing HIX.AI users to tackle a wide array of writing tasks effortlessly. Whether it’s writing an SEO-optimized long-form blog post, creating engaging social media content, or drafting a professional email, HIX.AI has a dedicated tool to streamline the process.

Supported Languages

In terms of language support, ShortlyAI remains somewhat narrow in its scope. The platform currently supports only English. This constraint could potentially limit the platform’s use for a global audience with diverse language needs.


HIX.AI takes a more inclusive approach by supporting more than 50 languages. This wide range ensures that HIX.AI caters to a global audience, removing language barriers and making advanced AI writing tools accessible to content creators worldwide. Whether you intend to create content in English, Spanish, French, or any other supported language, HIX.AI has got you covered.

Specific Features

One of the defining aspects of an AI writing platform is its unique features that distinguish it from its counterparts.


HIX.AI stands out with its rich collection of distinctive features. It offers an AI document editor, enabling users to seamlessly draft, edit, and enhance their content within the platform, providing a unified writing space.


Also, they have a 1-click Google Docs export feature that streamlines the workflow, allowing users to swiftly transfer their content to a Google document. A similar 1-click feature exists for WordPress export, helping bloggers and website owners to publish their content quickly and efficiently.


Notably, HIX.AI also offers robust features like integrated AI availability, a plagiarism check, and even Grammarly integration to ensure content quality and originality. These capabilities help users maintain high standards of content integrity.


Unfortunately, ShortlyAI lacks most of these advanced features, making HIX.AI a much more comprehensive, powerful, and versatile platform for content creators.


Upon a thorough analysis and comparison across different domains – pricing, language models used, AI writing tools available, and specific features provided, HIX.AI emerges as a more robust, versatile, and feature-packed alternative to ShortlyAI.


HIX.AI’s flexible pricing, superior language model, comprehensive suite of writing tools, support for multiple languages, and unique, advanced features make it a valuable platform for anyone involved in content creation. Whether you’re a freelancer, content creator, digital marketer, or a casual blogger, HIX.AI caters to a broad spectrum of needs better than ShortlyAI.


Thus, while ShortlyAI holds its ground with its high-quality content generation abilities, HIX.AI, with its comprehensive set of features and capabilities, presents a compelling case as a more superior alternative for the modern content creator.


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