Why does Sevilla dominate the Europa League?

The Europa League is a very entertaining football competition. Feel free to try the live casino roulette 1xBet while waiting for matches of this tournament. If we look at its winners between 2014 and 2023 we notice an interesting pattern. Out of the 10 editions played during that period, Spanish team Sevilla won 5 of them. The other 5 were claimed by:


  • Manchester United;
  • Chelsea;
  • Villarreal;
  • Atlético Madrid;
  • and Eintracht Frankfurt.


It begs the question, why the Spanish side has had a lot of success in this European competition? Let’s try to answer it. The live casino from 1xBet also has roulette games that you can play before the next Sevilla match begins.


To begin, let’s understand how to qualify for this competition in the first place. There are two main ways to do so. One of them is to finish in one of the top places in the various European top leagues. Qualification can also be secured by winning certain domestic cups.


However, another path to the competition that exists is through the UEFA Champions League. The winner of the Europa League qualifies directly to the group stage of the next Champions League. At the same time, all teams that finish in third place of their respective groups in the latter, are transferred to the knockout stage of the Europa League.

Different paths to reach success

The Champions League is one step above the Europa League in terms of competitiveness. Before the next match of those tournaments takes place, go to https://in.1xbet.com/casino and try its broad range of forms of entertainment.


For this reason, building a team that wants to challenge the Champions League requires a much larger investment than one who wants to go for the Europa League. Also, Sevilla doesn’t have the same budget as Barcelona or Real Madrid. For this reason, their chances of ending up in a top place in the Spanish La Liga are more difficult. This is important to consider, as normally, the top 4 teams at La Liga qualify for the Champions League, while the 5th team normally goes to the Europa League.


The team has shown that, while their budget might not be big enough to go for the Champions League, it is more than enough for performing great at the Europa League.


Quite cleverly, Sevilla took advantage of the 2 possible paths to qualify for the Europa League in the editions they won. 3 times they qualified after finishing in a suitable place in the Spanish La Liga. The remaining 2 times they did so by dropping from the group stage of the Champions League. At 1xBet you can wager on those 2 competitions as well.

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