Sports betting scam

Sports betting scam


Most betting enthusiasts are driven by one idea – to earn a lot of money as quickly as possible. On this basis, there are more and more new ways of cheating in sports betting. Let’s take a look at common scams.


All novice bettors are wondering which of the many bookmakers is better to make bets, it is definitely impossible to answer it. Some bookmakers have higher odds, there are bookies with a good line, others are better suited for live betting, also there are companies that offer good bonuses. This page is comparing top Indian betting platforms so you will find a list with reviews of each bookmaker, which definitely will help you to choose yours. 


Account promotion


One of the most common ways of cheating in sports betting is to promote an account. The scheme is as follows:


  • Cappers offer trusted account management. Cooperation assumes that the client provides access to the account in the bookmaker’s office and replenishes the account.
  • The scammer must place bets from this account.
  • The resulting profit is divided 50/50.


Sounds tempting, but what actually happens is this:


  • An attacker makes risky bets with odds of 2 or more. In this case, the bet amount is often 25-30% of the bank. It is advantageous for the fraudster to act quickly, until the deceived “client” comes to his senses. Therefore, he plays to the maximum.
  • Theoretically, he can even increase the bank, having received his profit.
  • The deceived person, inspired by such success, makes another deposit in order to increase profits. In particularly deplorable cases, for this he takes a loan.
  • Ultimately, the fraudster drains the entire bank. He uses standard phrases as excuses: “bets are a risk”, “sorry, it didn’t work out”, etc.


Investment in betting


The names of such projects are different – betting fund, sports investment bank (BSI), etc. They have the same essence – an offer to develop a bankroll for playing in a bookmaker’s office. Allegedly, a professional capper will deal with it. The profit from his game will be distributed among the participants of the fund, in proportion to their investments.


Fraudsters show statistics (of course fictitious) with a high percentage of won bets as advertising. Some claim to have information about match-fixing. The scheme is similar to the previous one, only more cynical, because deceived people transfer funds without any confirmation. Unfortunately, there are many gullible citizens, and even more of those who want “passive income”.


Sale of fixed matches


One of the most popular sports betting scams. Fraudsters sell information about a supposedly fixed match. The cost is in the region of 3000 – 5000 rubles. Offers are sent via social networks. Most often from fake pages. They send messages or are added as friends. As an audience, people who are subscribed to betting communities are selected.


These accounts usually have a lot of pretentious photos with yachts and expensive cars. The goal is to convince gullible users of the profitability of the proposed schemes.


Fake betting sites


Some people can’t register accounts for betting for any reason. For such users, scammers offer to register in a supposedly “unofficial mirror”. The design and arrangement of the main sections in these mirrors corresponds to the betting sites. What happens next? A person registers on this site, makes a deposit and starts placing bets. Then the account is blocked without the ability to withdraw money. The scammers end up taking the money for themselves.


Use only reliable sites that we indicated at the beginning of the article.

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