Living minimalistically means limiting yourself to the essentials. But you don’t have to move into a log cabin in the woods to do that. Everyone can bring a little more minimalism into their own life, every day and right now. But that does not mean to not play at casino online Canada.


A simple life, freedom, light-heartedness – somehow we all wish for that. But in our modern world, this simplicity often falls by the wayside: consumption, possessions and achievement seem to be the more important values, at least on the surface.


Consistent minimalism sounds like renunciation and a drop-out life. We have good news for you: Of course you can participate in modern society and still create space for yourself through minimalism strategies. Our tips are intended to help you make decisions now and 

then that makes life a little easier and a little freer – and contributes to being a little happier.




Just walk for a change

As convenient as it may be – just ditch your car and don’t get on the subway. If possible, resolve to walk to work, the grocery store, or an appointment at least one solid day a week. Why? If you walk, you don’t have to fret about traffic or crowded trains, you don’t need gas or electricity, and you can focus entirely on yourself and your life. It doesn’t get more minimalist than that.


Ask yourself: Do I really need this?

This isn’t as trite as it may sound. After all, we all constantly buy things we don’t really need just because they’re cheap, available or “in” at the moment. But (loosely based on the Fight Club character Tyler Durden): The things we own, one day own us – because we care about them, have to deal with them, take care of them. If you want to live more simply, you simply don’t buy anything.


Cook yourself with fresh ingredients

Ready-made and semi-prepared meals are anything but minimalist: they are full of additives, which are listed as E-numbers on the ingredients list, for example. “Real” food doesn’t need that. That’s why it’s better to cook for yourself: with fresh, simple ingredients from the region, with time, leisure and peace. It’s better for you and the planet – and good food is known to make you happy. Just like a minimalist life.


Grow your own food

Even on the smallest balcony or windowsill you can grow some vegetables or herbs. The resulting food is definitely free of additives, packaging and does not require long transport routes – and you eat what is growing. And even if it’s just sprouts or a few tomatoes – eating your own food makes you happy and quite proud.


Minimalist living and recreation: get out of the city

This is especially true for city dwellers: Escape the city and everyday life every now and then and spend a weekend outside – and not in the opulence of a luxury hotel: at the lake, in the mountains, in a mountain hut or in a tent, far away from everything. The peace, simplicity and closeness to nature does you good and helps you to come to rest. And this experience gives you a little idea of what a truly minimalist life could look like.


Drink more tap water

Why lug around bottles when the only beverage that’s really essential for survival comes out of the tap at home? Just stop drinking expensive beverages in plastic bottles and drink tap water – it saves money and makes your life a little bit easier.


Just switch off

The TV is on standby, the dryer is running, the smartphone is charging and all the lights are on – just switch off. Consciously saving energy is not only minimalist but also economical. And it makes you happy – if not immediately, then at the latest when the electricity bill comes. You can also set up your PC or laptop in a minimalist way.

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