5 Benefits of Buying Groceries Online

Wouldn’t it be great if you could grab all your daily essentials in just 6–10 minutes every week? While that may not always be feasible with in-store grocery shopping, especially when you are visiting during peak hours, this can be possible with online grocery delivery apps or when you visit the supermarket late-night. So, if you are looking for “24 hour grocery delivery near me”, try grabbing your household essentials and pantries via online delivery mobile applications.

Benefits of Late-Night Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is probably a favorite activity for night owls, who don’t like to be restricted to store closing hours or rush to the stores immediately after work. Neither do they like wasting time waiting in long queues while shopping during peak hours. Instead, you can order your essentials after returning from work at the click of a button.


Furthermore, today’s upgraded delivery portals also provide quick 10–20-minute services, so users don’t need to wait for long before going to bed or preparing a last-minute quick meal at night. On days when some essential ingredients run out of stock while preparing dinner, online grocery services will be your savior. Let’s say you have not stocked them up in advance. So, you can quickly place an order, and a quick service delivery portal will arrive with those essentials within 10–15 minutes.


Some major benefits of online grocery delivery apps include the following.

  • Cut the Queue

As we all know, we don’t need to wait in long queues on online shopping platforms. Almost every Indian store is crowded, and the check-out counters have long waiting lines. Sometimes, many in-store customers often give up the idea of shopping at all just by witnessing such long queues. So, customers prefer ordering their essential household products online while relaxing in the comfort of their homes.


Customers find online grocery shopping more favorable as they can save time standing in long lines at the check-out sections. Besides, they find payment options much easier and quicker on supermarket delivery apps. You can even order your essentials while performing other household chores, thus saving time and energy.

  • Numerous Offers Available

Attractive offers and special deals entice customers like nothing else. A ‘Buy 1, Get 1’ offer or a ‘Flat 40% Off’ can create magic in the grocery store. In-store grocery shops have certain limitations, like warehouse expenses, electricity, inventory costs, etc. Therefore, physical supermarkets cannot always offer exciting deals or heavy discounts.


But online portals, especially the new platforms, can pass on their profits to their customers regularly. You will find amazing deals and discount coupons on online delivery giants, as they often receive commissions from promotions of payment apps and other services.


For example, if you are a new customer, you can get your essential items at almost half the price. Plus, some reputable grocery mobile applications also provide discount coupons on particular product ranges every other day, which may be a brand promotional activity.


As soon as a visitor enters an online grocery site or app, they can see multiple offers and deals from various brands. Some applications even create separate sections for different discount offers. For example, you will find several sections on products available under ‘70% discount’, ‘60% discount’, ‘50% discount’, and so on. Such lucrative offers can help them save a few extra bucks, which is often not possible in physical supermarkets.

  • Easy to Search and Shop

On grocery apps, products are organized in different categories, allowing you to look for your desired items easier and faster. eCommerce grocery stores are like virtual shelves that help customers locate their items using category segregation systems. Besides, supermarket apps provide quick filtering and sorting features to help customers find their products in a single click.


Using the filter option, you can select your preferred categories, brands, price range, pack size, and other details. On the other hand, using the Sort feature, you can customize your product view pages based on several parameters like price (‘low to high’ or ‘high to low’), popularity, recommended, bestselling, what’s new, customer ratings, and so on.


In short, grocery apps offer numerous ways to shop for your required items. A simple search button can be your savior when you can’t spare too much time looking for the items you need urgently. You can simply type in or give a voice command of the product name or category, and you will be given filtered options of your desired items.


With online grocery delivery mobile applications, all you need to do is have a ready shopping list. Once you have listed all of them down, open a reputable grocery shopping smartphone app and quickly search for your desired product name and brands. Next, keep it moving by adding the products you need to the cart by tapping the “Add to Cart” option. Do it for all your products and select the required pack size.


Once done, move to the checkout option and complete the order by paying through your convenient payment mode. Now, all you need to do is sit back and relax or carry on with other work and leave the rest to the delivery agents and the app’s efficient team to prepare and deliver your order to your doorstep within minutes.

  • Convenient Payment Modes

The greatest advantage of purchasing household essentials online through smartphone applications is the wide range of payment options they provide. While searching for a “24 hour grocery delivery near me”, payment modes may be a big concern for you, especially when you have limited cash on you.


Online supermarket giants understand the concerns of the modern generations. Hence, they offer multiple payment choices, including UPI, payment apps, debit or credit cards, e-wallets, netbanking, and even cash on delivery. Gone are the days when you had to rely only on the cash left at hand, which often restricted your buying options to priorities only. With the advancement of digital payment modes and more easily-available credit cards, customers can get their essentials whenever they want, without relying on collecting cash from the ATM or waiting for the next paycheck.

  • Reasonable Delivery Fees

We know some of you don’t like this part, but because you are enjoying quick grocery delivery services at your doorstep, it’s the minimum we can pay in exchange. Moreover, unlike many other delivery services, grocery delivery platforms come with minimal delivery fees since the items are delivered from a nearby store on inventory. And we are also saving time and effort in visiting the store and searching for the products we want from among endless product category sections, racks, and brand divisions.


Since groceries are perishable items, companies are obliged to deliver them within close circles. So, the delivery charges are not always high compared to normal delivery services. However, even if you notice high shipping fees on some apps, try to order in bulk, so the charges will appear negligible. What’s more, many grocery delivery companies also provide free deliveries on certain days, such as special occasions, festivals, or for new buyers.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, online grocery shopping has been made easier and more efficient than ever before. Choose a reliable and credible app that assures you of same day deliveries, especially during emergencies. By learning about the above benefits of online grocery shopping, we hope you will shop online with confidence now!

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