The huge Monumental Stadium of Buenos Aires

The Monumental Stadium is a massive sports venue located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Don’t forget to make pk in betting from on all matches played on this venue too.

This facility is also known as the Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti. It is the home of one of the most successful football clubs in Argentina, River Plate. The stadium is renowned for its size and capacity, making it one of the most impressive sporting venues in South America. You can start betting from 1xBet pk on all matches in Argentina.

The president designs the stadium

The stadium was built in 1938 and designed by the renowned architect Antonio Vespucio Liberti. He also served as the president of River Plate at the time. The stadium’s construction took over three years. You may want to go to to play games while waiting next matches of River Plate. It was inaugurated in 1938 with a match between River Plate and Peñarol from Uruguay.

The Monumental Stadium’s seating capacity is approximately 70,074, making it the largest stadium in Argentina. It is also one of the largest in South America. The stadium’s structure comprises four separate stands:

  • the Sivori stand;
  • the Centenario stand;
  • the Belgrano stand;
  • and the San Martin stand.

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A stadium that is part of Argentina’s football history

The Monumental Stadium has hosted several significant football events over the years. This also includes the 1978 FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and the Netherlands. Argentina won the game 3-1 in front of a packed crowd of over 70,000 spectators. The stadium has also hosted numerous domestic and international football matches, as well as concerts and other events. If you wish you can try 1xBet football betting now on highly decisive matches as well.

Aside from football, the stadium has also played host to other sporting events such as boxing and rugby. It has also served as a venue for various cultural events, including music concerts, exhibitions, and religious gatherings.

In addition to being the home of River Plate, the Estadio Monumental has also served as the main home venue for the Argentinian national football team. Also, for a short period between 2000 and 2002, it was also the main home of the Argentinian national rugby team. It is a good idea to try football betting at 1xBet now, where the best football teams from Argentina are also featured.

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