8 games we enjoyed playing in 2022

Mobile gaming is growing rapidly and attracting more gamers each year. In fact, the games created for smartphones are better and offer more gameplay options.

So, here is a list of eight games we enjoyed playing in 2022.

PuzzleQuest 3

It was a return that nobody expected. But was it really necessary? The first Puzzle Quest was a hit with players many years ago. It combined the storyline and world of an RPG with a simple movement of diamonds on a board to create a unique experience. The mobile version of the puzzle quest series is now available. However, there’s a twist to it: It’s free! Of course, this has its own consequences.

Graphically, this title makes a great impression. We were provided with 3D models of both our character and our companions, as well as the enemies we encountered. A slight modification has been made to the combat system, which makes it more interesting. We now have a short timer and can match as many diamond groups as possible within its window. While upgrading spells and gear with real cash is a disadvantage, it’s well worth the experience and the stories.

Legacy of Dead

Play’n GO has created the Legacy of Dead game, an online slot that is yet another “Book-type” game. This slot features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed pay lines. In addition, you can re-trigger a certain feature to unlock an expanding symbol, as well as free spins with expanding symbols.

Marvel Snap

Although virtual card games are no longer popular, you can still offer something different. You only need a well-known brand and familiar mechanics. For example, marvel Snap lets you throw superheroes into battle in order to win important cities or locations. All this is done in a beautiful graphic design and comic presentation of the heroes.

The Marvel Snap rules are simple. You need to have at least two points to win. There are three locations on a board. Each match takes six turns. During each turn, players place their cards near selected icons that represent the locations. The aforementioned places and some of these superheroes have unique skills that can give you a huge advantage. Marvel Snap might be worth a try, particularly if you haven’t been captivated by the more traditional card games.

The King of Fighters ARENA

There are many good mobile fighting games. Shadow Fight, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter are just a few examples. KOF (King of Fighters) ARENA raises the quality of graphics on smartphones. This means that you will need a fast smartphone to complain about slowdowns and stuttering. This game is free with microtransactions, so even if you don’t like it, it’s worth trying.

Gwent: Renegade Mage

The single-player module for Gwent The Witcher Card Game was not well received, but it adds to this excellent card game by expanding the campaign without needing other players. It’s not very revealing and could be improved, but it’s still worth recommending.

Into the Breach

There are many great transitions of PC games to smartphones in 2022 – Into the Breach is one of the most popular. The mobile version includes many new features that improve the game and make it more fun, such as new pilots and new weapons. There is also a new soundtrack. Unfortunately, this game is only available to Netflix subscribers. Into the Breach can’t be played on smartphones without access to this service.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Square Enix has a strong mobile presence, and Life Is Strange is a great example. It’s still one of the most popular mobile adventure games with three-dimensional graphics. It’s not as good as the PC or console versions, but it’s still very enjoyable.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors was a huge success on the desktop, and it’s now doing the same for mobile. This title is extremely playable and entertaining at any hour and anywhere. We can play the same games on our smartphones as we did on Steam. In addition, the game was made completely free of charge with an optional view of ads that allowed you to save the character or gain extra gold. It’s amazing.

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